Bush Basics
Hiking, Backpacking and the Basics of Wilderness Survival
by Glen Stedham

"Inside Bush Basics, you'll find lots of easy to read, easy to understand advice on such topics as staying warm and dry, using maps and compas, route-finding, gear, boots, bears, bugs and- heaven forbid- what to do if you get lost."       
The Vancouver Sun

(Contains 182 pages with illustrations)


Topics include: 

  • Staying warm and dry and avoiding hypothermia.
  • Map reading, distance measuring and coordinates.
  • Navigating by compass and following a bearing.
  • Route finding, hiking technique and footcare.
  • Fire making and camp cookery.
  • What to do if you get lost and how to be found.
  • Bear avoidance and bear encounter strategies.
  • First Aid.
  • Gear for all weather travel, including snowshoes and backcountry skis.
  • Extensive reading list.  

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